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Sweet Relief

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians and music industry workers who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems. 

Founded in 1994, Sweet Relief has supported musicians and artists from every genre who are struggling to earn a living. 2020 has been hard on many people, especially in the arts industry, which is why Sweet Relief have set up a COVID-19 fund with grants going directly to musicians and music industry workers impacted by coronavirus.

At Die Fledermaus Zuhaus, we understand how powerful art can be, and how vital it is to cherish it. This project began because it’s creators were starved of live entertainment and devastated at how dramatically artistic institutions and performers were crumbling around the world. We know it is going to take an enormous amount work to put the arts world back on its feet, but it is charities like Sweet Relief which will help us achieve that goal.

Die Fledermaus Zuhaus was created by a dedicated band of volunteers. To recognise and appreciate our work, we ask you to donate the price of your ticket to Sweet Relief’s Covid-19 Fund below:

Thank you!